Monday, March 06, 2006

A Fluffy Bunny Post! (Or, More Therapy...?)

Although, given the expression on these 2 faces, I'm not sure what therapeutic effect I am aiming for! The left-hand one is called White Heat and below is his brother, KnightInWhiteSatin. They are both Foreign Whites and take very much after their father, Mini Me (whose real name is Arcturan Legend). Foreign Whites, despite being a breed apart in many ways, are actually genetically Siamese cats. I tend to think they are the pure-distilled-evil-version, where all the impurities have been distilled out and hence you are left with such a purely evil cat, that it is entirely white. This certainly holds true for their evil auntie Achtung, who has brought tears to the eyes of many a cat-show judge!

However, all is not lost! Look at this little darling:

It seems that once you add in that sweet, soft ol' longhair gene, they magically become all cute 'n' cuddly! (That's Gracie, by the way!) Only time will tell, if this is just an overcoat, or the hair is more than skin deep!

Actually, the first 2 kitties only look evil; it took a long time to take these pictures as I was being mobbed and there was a competition to see who could actually sleep around my neck. And there's the therapy: 10 minutes with these guys and you will be the most important and cuddled (and licked and snudged) person in the universe!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is for Foilwoman:

...And so is this:

This is what everyone should do when life sucks... lounge with a posse of kittens! (Their names are: Misty, Miracle, Clive and LuckyToo).