Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is for Foilwoman:

...And so is this:

This is what everyone should do when life sucks... lounge with a posse of kittens! (Their names are: Misty, Miracle, Clive and LuckyToo).


Benedict 16th said...

Yay - Hello Tournee.
I tried to find your blog url and randomly tried and got a surprise - it wasn't you.


PS You will have to come over, I just found on bittorrent all of series 1 of Catweazle

Tournee Du Chat Noir said...

Yes, I wanted that name for my blog and it was taken - but I was still able to call myself by that name... Seems a bit unfair, however, that that other person could take that name and then only use it to advertise her "real" blog elsewhere?!

Catweazle, eh?! Sounds good...!

By the way, am I to assume from the rapidity of your response that you have been holding your breath waiting for me to post? Or did you just come here from FW's blog?


Foilwoman said...

I love it!!! Fukitol, used by discriminating and harassed women (and men) everywhere, especially those tried to disengage from the clutches of a narcissistic loon.

And the kitties look great. Innana's cat was at the vet today, and I hope feeling better.

Foilwoman said...

Hey, I thought I posted a thank you yesterday. I'm definitely signing up for the clinical trials. And those kitties sure look comfy and happy.

X. Dell said...

Damn. Just my luck they don't sell fukitol over-the-counter in the U.S.

X. Dell said...

Too bad you can't get Fukitol in the US over-the-counter.

X. Dell said...

It's a pity you can't buy Fukitol over-the-counter here in the US