Sunday, May 27, 2007

Small Things Amuse Small Minds

Have been having some sort of fun inventing fake names and email addresses, because I let myself get sucked in to one of those "free laptop" sites. I had to invent 10 ID's as I didn't want to send junk mail to my friends, so I came up with names like Melody Smith, Malady Williams (born in 1914), degenerating to Tyrannosaurus Smith and last of all, UpYerNose WithARubberHose. I was feeling quite smug until I found out I have to invent another 10 more! So I'll probably enlist all my spammers' IDs... Still if anyone wants to click on the link to the left, maybe they'll send me a picture of an Apple iBook before I die of old age!

This is all procrastination as I have bought a new sewing machine and am putting off trying to learn how to work the bloody thing. I grew up with my mother using one of those black cast-iron monsters made from material extracted from a neutron star. She had a black and sinister-looking lever that she pushed with her leg, to make it go. I did eventually teach myself to use a more modern machine, given me by the mother of a friend, and I was doing quite well until Sherman piddled on it and the insides seized up. I graduated to a cast-iron monster machine I picked up at a garage sale, until bits kept breaking off; I kept going by using bits from another one I picked up from a roadside rubbish collection. ("How poor are we???" asks BJ plaintively...) Of course, I have now run out of bits and these machines have gone to meet their Makers too.

So, armed with my tax refund, I bustled off to buy a new one and I have this minor spacecraft "entry level" thing which I'm too frightened to get out of the box. Apparently at the flick of a switch it embroiders the Sistine Chapel for you or something. NB: The only thing I know how to make is drapes for cat shows (all straight lines and nobody looks closely at all the mistakes!)...

It's only 2 weeks until the National Cat Show... One exciting thing about that is that one of my cats from last year won a best in group award, so this year he is featuring on the cover of the ACF Yearbook (read, of course, only by cat fanciers, but never mind). In a fit of self-promotional self-indulgence I have had the same picture printed on to a T-shirt. This way people will know I won something last year, even if my cats don't win anything this time! Totally wanky, but who cares! The show is in Tasmania, so we will probably all freeze to death.

Incidentally, if any of my 5 readers is going to Tasmania and develops a health problem, please email me and I'll tell you who not to see. A truly frightening individual we know from medical school is now a GP on the Apple Isle, and although he cannot be stopped by mere mortals such as myself, at least I can decrease the amount of carnage (he tried to refer a child to me when I was in Paeds, saying the kid had hurt her arm. I said: "What does the X-ray show?" and he said,"Can you x-ray 2-year-olds???" - just 1 incident of many). Get BJ to elaborate on the patient this guy gave adrenaline to... it's quite entertaining if you're not the doctor who could have been sued...

In other news, a career change may be in the offing. I am thinking about doing training in Paediatrics. When I told an old friend, she laughed like a hyaena. Those who know me well will know why...!

More news as it comes to hand with geological speed...



Camilla said...

Ok, that was weird. I clicked on that link, and it turned into another website :/ Well, I hope that it registered somewhere that I voted for you to receive a lapcat.

Loved the bit about the sewing machines - I hope you come to grips with the new beast soon! Your cats will be the best-dressed in show :D

Lizzie said...

Just came across your blog. Very honest. Also love your cats! I hope things are going better than they were earlier in the year. You should blog more cuz you are a good writer!

vaughns said...

Someone really decided to put on their thinking cap, great going! It’s fantastic to see people really writing about the important things.

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